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Adulting is hard.

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Getting out with kids shouldn't be...


 Monday - Wednesday:  

9 am - 2 pm


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10 am - 2 pm


The Play Day Cafe is St. Joseph, Illinois' first indoor play space and lounge!  I am owner, operator and playtime extraordinaire Ashley Sjuts.  With my extensive background in childcare and child development, my goal is to bring something new and exciting to indoor play for both parents and children 0-10 years of age.  I hope to provide a stimulating environment that challenges fine and gross motor skills, as well as socialization.  

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QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY.  Here at The Play Day Cafe, we focus on bringing in quality toys that are new and exciting for kids.  You won't find the typical tunnels and slide systems at The Play Day Cafe.  Instead, I focus on curating a blend of natural, non-electronic and as little plastic activities as possible.  You won't find a larger collection of blocks than at The Play Day Cafe.  Whether your child wants to build a small city or a house for their people, we have the blocks to make it happen!  

For the older kids (10+), we offer Busy Boxes filled with a variety of things to keep them occupied while little ones play.  They're also welcome to use the Art/Community Room to create something fun.

What about mom and dad?  The Play Day Cafe has you covered too!  Unlimited coffee is included with a child's play pass.  Books, magazines and adult coloring books are here for caregivers' enjoyment.  AND, just in case you have some work to catch up on (or some Facebook creeping to do), we offer FREE WiFi!

Your kids will think you're bringing them so that they can have fun. But the truth is...it will be for you! I won't tell if you won't...

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The Art/Community Room is a space to have a snack or make a messy masterpiece.  There's a variety of arts and crafts supplies which are FREE with your child's Play Pass or Family Membership.  Make your own creation or ask for some ideas.  I'm happy to help you choose one of our age appropriate craft kits that are rotated on a monthly basis.

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The Play Day Cafe also offers a small selection of snacks for purchase, but you can always bring your own snacks/lunch.  For your convenience, we offer a microwave, plastic utensils and napkins.  The only catch: NO eating in the main play space (only in the Art/Community Room).  Coffee, however, is allowed throughout the facility.  

The bathroom (equipped with a changing station) is stocked with diapers, wipes and extra clothes for any "unforeseen accidents" that may occur.

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